About Dabke Masters

“Dabke Masters” is a term innovated by Roshdi Alkadri, videographer, and producer of all of the Zoom Tube videos including the viral facebook video that reached over 26 million views. Dabke masters are those who perfected the dance on a basic and advanced level. They have also invented their own Dabke dance moves be it Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Saudi Arabian, Jordanian or Iraqi Dabke known as “Chobi”. There are many Dabke Masters in the world.

It was the Masters Of Dabke videos that really showcased the art of the Lebanese Dabke on youtube. Later on, Roshdi posted a 2-minute clip on October 4, 2016 on facebook, and little did he know it would go viral. It is the first Dabke video in history to go that far and he’s proud to be sharing the Arabic culture with the world.

Roshdi invites everyone to learn about the Arabic culture that is often not shown in the mainstream media.