dabke masters faq


What is Dabke?

Dabke, also called Dabka is a traditional Levantine folk dance across the Middle East and is performed differently in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and some parts of Saudi Arabia

Is it just for men?

Of course not, kids, women, men all dance Dabke. 

Why are men holding hands?

Actually, women hold hands too when dancing the Dabke. It represents the bonding of family, friends, and community. Nothing more.

Where is Dabke usually danced?

At engagements, celebrations, and weddings

What do you teach?

We teach Lebanese style Dabke

Why do they hold a cloth in their hands in some clips?

It’s really just a prop, some use a rosary or other object. It signifies the person is leading the Dabke and being into the beat. It is not used all the time